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”Halal Assurance & Quality is a non-profit association formed by concerned stakeholders in Switzerland with the assignment to provide Muslims all over Europe with authentic Halal meat and meat products. 

Our purpose is to build awareness among Muslims and Non-Muslim Consumers for the process of Halal slaughtering and permissibility of meat products. We certify slaughterhouses and meat processing plants and train meat industry enabling them to ensure compliance to halal dietary laws”

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We provide Halal Certification services to our respectable clients, after careful inspection and Halal Audit.

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Our Halal Compliance Training courses are run by well-known and highly respected professionals in the industry.

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What is Halal

Halal means permitted, allowed, lawful or legal. In relation to food or drink it means that food or drink is lawful..


Halal Assurance & Quality is a non-profit association formed by concerned stakeholders in Switzerland with the assignment to provide Muslims with authentic Halal meat and meat products.
Our purpose is to build awareness among Muslims for the process of Halal slaughtering and permissibility of meat products.
We also educate slaughtering houses how to ensure Halal suitability of their products.
That’s how we witness and vouch for the permissibility of the Halal meat and its products.
Furthermore we train Muslim slaughter men in the principles of Halal slaughtering.


Halal Assurance & Quality goes all the way back to 1972, when we performed our first hand-slaughtering (Dhabihah) in Switzerland.
Concerned Muslims residing all over Switzerland asked our founder, a Muslim surgeon, if he could make arrangements to provide Halal meat. He answered the challenge and contacted a local farmer who also had an abattoir on his farm.
The terms were simple. The animal would be slaughtered by our founder and the farmer would prepare the meat. After the obligatory veterinary checks, the meat was to be shipped to the consumers.
Soon, with the ratification of a ban on traditional slaughtering and introduction of Turkish shops the consumers lost interest, and the slaughtering agreement was frozen.
HAQ focuses on the demand that originally lead to the certifications: the slaughtering.


Halal Assurance & Quality represents the concerns and interests of the Muslim consumers and slaughterhouses with regard to Halal-Meat.
We also serve as a bridge between Halal- slaughterhouses, suppliers, traders and the Muslim consumers.
HAQ also familiarises political decision-makers, authorities and the media with the concerns of the Muslim consumers with regard to the Halal-slaughtering and the consumption of Halal-meat.
HAQ trains slaughter men, examines and certifies slaughterhouses which adheres to its Standard.

Our Mission

HAQ aims for the highest standards with regard to slaughtering as governed by the teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of our beloved prophet Mohammed (S.A.W).
As a result of increasing standardization and growing demand for an independent, reliable, and internationally recognized certification system, HAQ has designed and implemented a halal auditing system which shall oversee the process all the way from farm to fork.
HAQ ensures halal compliance of a slaughterhouse and provides information, advice and supervision to help the interested parties achieve their aim of ensuring authentic meat products.
Where standards are not met, certification and validation is refused to that party. But it is important to emphasize that the aim of HAQ, is to help interested parties seeking halal certification to become fully aware of and achieve a position where they are capable of producing and manufacturing authentic products.


Here are a number of reasons for having trust on us

To help people around the world by providing them healthy, hygienic and HALAL food to live a better life. ACTS aims to be the most reliable, credible and professional certifier of Halal food.

Confirmation for customer that food served is Halal and accordance with Islamic law

Assurance that the premises hygiene & sanitation procedure  are at top priority

Widen the rang of customer by attracting Muslim & non-Muslim consumer

Increasing revenue and marketability

Efficient customer services to clients & general public

Building concrete relationship with all stake holders to ensure smooth coordination

Halal Assurance & Quality, is committed to supplying the consumer and our customers with the finest, Safe & HALAL & high-quality products & to leading the industry in nutrition research and education. 

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