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”Halal Assurance & Quality is a non-profit association formed by concerned stakeholders in Switzerland with the assignment to provide Muslims all over Europe with authentic Halal meat and meat products. 

Our purpose is to build awareness among Muslims and Non-Muslim Consumers for the process of Halal slaughtering and permissibility of meat products. We certify slaughterhouses and meat processing plants and train meat industry enabling them to ensure compliance to halal dietary laws”



Any person or legal entities interested in the protection of Halal slaughtering can become passive members.


Hopefuls must submit admission requests addressed to the president in written form only.

The board of directors decides on the admission of new members (with two-thirds of the majority of the active members). Only active members are eligible to vote. The certifying body issues a Halal certificate to each slaughterhouse reviewed and approved.

Expiration of the membership:

The membership expires:

  • To natural people by withdrawal, exclusion or death.
  • To legal entities by withdrawal, exclusion or resolution.

Withdrawal and exclusion

The cancellation of membership is possible on the 31st of December of the same year with a term of notice of 1 month.

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